Does your CX strategy cut through the complexity?

Embracing the ‘simple genius’ moments that too often get suffocated by complexity.


Brands today are competing on more channels with more competitors than ever, so establishing a distinctive customer experience design, that also prepares you for a wildly unpredictable future, is becoming more and more complex. And don’t forget the flood of data and insights that need adding to your equation. Then the real hard work starts as you try to ensure all your teams are aligned and, of course, inspired… suddenly, Daniel Kwan’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ feels straightforward by comparison.

But we believe the only to resolve all this complexity is simplicity. To take a step back, stop trying to be too clever and create something so beautifully simple that it works everywhere – all at once. Simple stretches, it bends and travels. Without ridged, convoluted rules, it flows, adapts and finds its way through the maze of complexity. A straightforward customer experience strategy not only cuts through the baggage, it’s also the glue that binds everything together, and provides the room for good ideas to flow.

Take Casper for example. Their CX strategy is ‘sell sleep, not mattresses’. One part mindset, one part call-to-action. This simple NorthStar has inspired them to create unique ideas like a ‘nap studio’ in the city that never sleeps and a sleep channel podcast with bedtime stories for adults. These, amongst many other ideas, create a cohesive, distinct and ever-evolving consumer experience across all channels. All from one simple thought.

At Checkland Kindleysides we embrace the ‘simple genius’ moments that too often get suffocated by complexity, joining the dots and creating distinctive customer experience strategies that are greater than the sum of their parts. Does your CX strategy cut through the complexity?

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