The trend that isn't a trend, trend

How do brands stay relevant without jumping on the trend bandwagon?


Brands all want to stay relevant. So when a new trend comes along it’s easy to get swept up in its newness. ‘It needs to be Instagrammable. What about the Metaverse? We need a coffee shop’. And when the whole world is talking about something, the FOMO kicks in and brands panic they’re not relevant enough. We understand this. But all too soon, the so ‘very now’ becomes so ’very then’.

However, there’s a new name for a classic trend that we can fully embrace. Coined by HYPEBEAST, ‘Nothingcore’ is the tried and tested trend of not chasing trends, being authentic, and celebrating the things that carve out a brand’s distinct place in the world.

It’s not anti-trends. It’s not anti-anything. It’s pro brand. It’s about choosing the unique blend of influences that are right for you. So when ‘now’ turns to ‘next’, your story lives on. Instead of jumping on a bandwagon to find out everyone else is there too and you’ve all got the same haircut.

A great example of this is the revised identity of Daniel Lee’s Burberry – intricate, serifed and unmistakably Burberry once again. And a clear rebuke of the minimal sans serif brand identity design trend that has swept the fashion industry. At the heart of it was a brand choosing distinction over conformity. And that’s where we can help.

At CK we specialise in seeing the bigger picture, using heartfelt creative thinking and exquisite craft, to ensure whatever’s looming on the horizon, you’re ready. With no ‘best before’ date.

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