Owning the audio stage: Skullcandy IFA stand

Standing-out, not blending in

IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer and home electronics. To stand out from the crowd we aimed to create the best audio experience in town. This was no typical trade stand but a brand experience, themed like an open skate park.  It presented Skullcandy, the lifestyle brand, whilst showcasing product innovations in an exciting way. The entire experience was built using repurposed shipping containers, so that it could be taken on tour after the show. After all, this experience was too good to go to waste.

The stand spanned two levels using an aesthetic inspired by the brand’s origins in board sports.

Our design at IFA combines the energy, style and creative spirit of the brand with an immersive audio experience.

Joe Evans, Creative Director, Checkland Kindleysides

Visitors were immersed in white noise ‘sound showers’ which demonstrated the latest noise-cancelling technology of its Crusher ANC headphones.
The stand featured a VIP music lounge on the open balcony.

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