The home of the fitness community: adidas women’s studio London

A fitness-freak social club in London.

For women, exercise isn’t just about feeling the burn - having a sense of community is everything. We put this at the heart of our interior design concept for adidas’ female-only, pop-up fitness studio in London’s East End. Forget the gym. We brought to life a fitness social club and created an experiential workout space for women in one of London’s most creative districts. The aim was to shape a new era of health and wellbeing with adidas, with a safe space for women, that promoted disruption over routine.

This unique fitness studio featured everything from nutrition and mindfulness workshops to new fitness classes and instructors every month, alongside exclusive product launch events. The interior design language - one that resisted stereotypes around women’s spaces - meant it was right at home in Shoreditch. And the community spirit was so real, the pop-up fitness studio took up a permanent residency in East London.

Adidas' Women’s Studio: London’s first women’s-only fitness studio and community space. It's completely free and classes can be booked via social media platforms for a more personal touch.
New fitness instructors every month: The fitness studio space hosts exclusive events and wellness classes with local fitness influencers and athletes.

For any woman that’s wanting to get more active and live a healthier life, join a space like this where you can train with other people who are trying to achieve the same things, and that’ll definitely help you in your journey.

Jessica Ennis-Hill, Olympic heptathlon champion

The 'creator wall': A place where visitors can post motivational messages to inspire the community. Elsewhere, an artist mural gives complimentary exhibition space to local artists and collaborators.
Experiment rather than stagnate: adidas' new fitness studio is located on Brick Lane - one of London's most creative districts.
Breaking the stereotype: A fresh and modernist interior design concept creates an inclusive space by breaking with conventional female aesthetics and fitness slogans.

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