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Are you ready to make your mark? Progressive brand identity systems cut through complexity. The most successful branding design is powerful enough to resonate anywhere and everywhere, in any medium.

Branding as inspiration, not as rulebook

We are global brand design consultants. We collaborate with disruptors to market leaders. We create bold brand identity designs from the ground up or transform them from the top down. It goes beyond logo and wordmarks. Whether you’re looking for a revolution or an evolution, we’ll work with you to ensure your brand expression is multi-dimensional, emboldens behaviours internally and acts as a springboard for you to connect with new audiences.

We believe that in today’s world, brand transformation and customer experience design should be inseparable. A purposeful and powerful brand strategy and positioning will motivate your internal teams, whilst providing a platform to inspire unique brand experiences and customer engagement across every channel. This is why we take a truly holistic design approach to brand transformation.

Our philosophy is to give brands the tools to experiment rather than execute. Truly great brand positioning and visual identity designs should act as an inspiration rather than a rulebook. Often brand guidelines can often be limited and too rigorous. By giving our clients the inspiration and freedom to empower their teams, we help them to push the boundaries of how and where brand assets can be applied. The result? Achieving true stand-out, relevance and growth.

Our brand transformation agency has worked with global retailers to digitally native start-ups, creating iconic and award-winning brand identity designs.

Award winning branding design studio

Whether you’re looking for a new brand identity system to help you stand out from the competition or looking to develop a fresh tone of voice, we can help. It could be that you need to review your brand strategy or boldly reposition and take your brand in a new direction. Or you may want to develop some new, distinctive brand assets. As your brand transformation agency we’ll work in collaboration with you to creatively and strategically address your specific challenges. We've outlined our full suite of brand identity design services below.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We define your why, set your future trajectory and position your brand for growth.

Brand Identity Systems

We create the visual articulation of your brand; from logo to type and tone of voice, to sonic and sensory brand identities.

Consumer Profiling

We define your target audience, creating clarity and focus for all future brand engagement.

Brand Playbook & Guidelines

We define your brand culture and values, championing how the brand should behave and express itself across all channels.

Product Architecture, Segmentation & Service Design

We make your product and service propositions customer centric.

UX & UI Design

We design, develop and prototype native apps, platforms and digital interfaces.

From the outset Checkland Kindleysides lived and breathed our brand and our ambition, helping us to tell our story in a compelling way. It's been a joy to work with some of the best in the industry.

CCO & CMO, Morrow

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